Welcome to The
9th Edition of Kuwait Medica Conference & Exhibition

Welcome to Kuwait Medica

Welcome to the 9th edition of Kuwait Medica, the biggest healthcare event in Kuwait that offers a dedicated platform for global Hospitals, Medical and Dental facilities, Equipment and Technology Suppliers, Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Laboratories, E-Health Providers, and Allied Services vendors to present a complete spectrum of healthcare oriented products, services and processes for use in medical field and to identify potential business opportunities in Kuwaiti consumer markets.

The event brings the largest audience of healthcare stakeholders in the country and beyond and helps companies to demonstrate their brands, service offering and company's product range in a cost-effective manner. The annual event helps new companies to gain entry and companies already doing business in Kuwait to expand their footprint in different medical sectors including hospital design and build, hospital operation and management, healthcare training and staffing services, healthcare education, and health information systems and informatics.

The event also compliments Kuwait Government's vision to enhance healthcare service delivery in the country through partnerships with world's best health organizations, professionals, equipment vendors and solutions providers to fulfill their US $7.3 billion healthcare infrastructure development plan.

We welcome you to be a part of this innovative experience that attracts global investors, officials, health professionals from all specialized disciplines, health administrators, members of the medical technology trade, manufacturers of pharmaceutical and supply chains, laboratory equipment and disposables, medical tourism operators and facilitators and leading suppliers of allied services.

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About The Conference

The conference aims to introduce the cutting-edge technologies, latest trends, products, services and ideas in healthcare and presents a unique platform to bring together the specialized contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, traders and investors involved in the planning, build, design, equipment supply, supply chains, operations and management services for all kinds of healthcare facilities.
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